How To Join

About Privacy
Privacy is very important within the group. We do not require knowledge of your real name or address. Most members go by their chosen names. A screening interview with you is generally required and can be done by one or more of our existing members. These members live in different areas around the Hudson Valley, so the interview meeting location can be flexible and comfortable for you.

Why an Interview Meeting?
Before joining the MHVTA support group, all new members must meet with one of the group officers or members. We do this for group privacy reasons.

How the Interview works
The interview meeting is a very simple process. After contacting MHVTA, a member will set up a meeting time and location that is convenient for both. When that time comes, the group member and yourself will engage is conversation. They will explain things about us and how our meetings go, answer any questions you may have, and so on. The conversation can be different for different people, but don't get all worked up about it, it's really not as scary as you may think.

Beginning the journey
The first step of your journey is to contact us. We can't wait to meet you.